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Unlocking the Power of Lettering: A Vital Element in Brand Identity and Impactful Messaging
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Digital Marketer at MMSUA

Lettering is the art of turning letters into drawings, we are not just talking about writing them. It is often confused with calligraphy, but they are quite different from each other.

You don’t have to have perfect handwriting to create your own font.

We suggest you don’t think of letters as letters, but as shapes. There is no limit to lettering, they allow you to create different shapes, combine colors, combine different types of letters and much more.

Why is lettering so important in design?

We find it on many online platforms such as Pinterest, stationery, walls and menus in bars and restaurants. It also appears on various event invitations, advertisements, logos and signs.

Web pages are pretty much the same: titles, tables of contents and other page elements.

Lettering offers a completely new and refreshing dimension to your creative projects. Instead of displaying all the design elements on a screen, fonts allow you to incorporate more tangible creativity.

How can you do lettering?

First, I suggest you do and practice calligraphy. This will help you loosen up your hand and then make the necessary movement to draw the letters.

Depending on the tool you use, it is important to learn the strokes and characteristics of each letter.

How can I adapt it to my brand?

Remember that the visual image is extremely important for a brand, within the graphic line of a brand is included the typography to be used, it is not chosen without first taking into account important aspects, such as the message and concept that has been established for your brand.

The typography you use to name your brand together with its design is a fundamental part for your message and concept to complement each other, as well as it also contributes to the customer’s perception of your brand. The recognition provided by proper implementation of typography, colors, and visual elements will be the boost you need to grow your brand.