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What is HTTPS and why should you have it enabled on your website?
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Diana Vásquez Cota – Multi Marketing USA

When you start creating a website before starting with the design, the first thing you should have is hosting and your own domain name, but you should also make sure that your URL is marked as secure, and for this, you must have the HTTPS protocol.

But then, what is HTTPS? And what is the difference with HTTP?

The HTTPS protocol is the secure version of HTTP. They differ mainly in that HTTPS incorporates an additional security layer through SSL/TLS (Secure Sockets Layer/Transmission Layer Security) encryption. It is a security protocol to reliably transfer data between client and server.

Surely on some occasion, while browsing the internet, you have come across a message “It is not safe” when accessing a URL. This message appears when you are entering a URL that does not have this protocol activated and therefore is not secure.


Therefore, it is useless to set up a website with a great design if a message that it is not safe scares potential users. Today any website must have the HTTPS protocol active.

For encryption to work on your page and, therefore, HTTPS to be activated, you must have an SSL Certificate.

Once you have the certificate active, your page will be more secure, it will appear as such to users and it will rank better in search engines.

And how does HTTPS work in Google positioning?

As of 2014, Google began to take HTTPS into account as a positioning element.

As users we always want all our information to be safe and for Google, being a content facilitator for millions of users, it cannot be less.

Just like when a page loads slowly your SEO positioning is penalized, when a page is insecure too.

If you want to appear in the first positions of the search engine, do not forget the HTTPS on your website

Remember: Having HTTPS on your website is very simple and provides many advantages: security, trust and positioning.

To offer the best experience to your users, it is essential that your website meets this requirement. Plus you earn points with Google.