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Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing or SEM is a technique that is used to generate online leads through paid advertisements. SEM consists of building website pages that will drive traffic into potential leads. Once given the opportunity, our MMUSA specialists will publicize your ads to the eyes of your motivated customers. Our team will optimize your content to be directed towards your company's target group through keywords and niche-specific ideas. We understand that a successful SEM approach requires resilience and dedication from both sides, and we are ready to join you on your journey.


Search Engine Optimization or better known as SEO is one of the primary tactics that companies and freelancers do to gain exposure. Traditional SEO produces traffic and impressions through keyword search engines with profitable results within 6 to 12 months. Our SEO services focus on targeting niche-related leads in order to grow your business. We have experienced professionals ready to utilize SEO strategies to create a successful campaign for your company.

Translation from English to Spanish.

Spanish is the unofficial second language in the U.S, as well as spoken in Europe, the United Kingdom and Canada as well. English to Spanish translation may be the most important translation for any English speaking business to use, in order to really capitalize their target market. There are many non-English speaking Spanish emigrants in countries like the U.S. and Canada. Speaking to them in their language will increase your sales by up to 7 times compared to using just English. For English to Spanish translation for documents, web content, social media, technical manuals, or any other source. Get started by obtaining a free quote from our contact form below.

Brand Targeting SEO

Brand targeting SEO builds your company name, niche, products, and or services throughout the search engines in combination with the keyword terms relevant to your niche, products, and or services. For example, brand targeting SEO allows only your company’s name to be discovered when searching a specific “branded” phrase. MMUSA is one of the few agencies that is attentive to this distinction between traditional SEO and brand targeting SEO. We differentiate the two because although both are forms of SEO, we acknowledge the strength of each one individually. Using brand targeting SEO with us will permit your business to be accessible through search engines on multiple levels.

PPC Services

Pay Per Click or (PPC) is a form of online advertising that costs money only when an advertisement is clicked. This service allows customers to guarantee their campaign is being engaged with. MMUSA has a team of Google AdWords Certified technologists with 11+ years’ experience in Digital Marketing, SEO, Analytics, Facebook and Bing Ads, Email Marketing and various other online platforms. Expertise in developing new PPC campaigns allows our customers to obtain definitive knowledge regarding how successful their products are.

Geo Targeting

Geo Targeting is the practice of catering content to a specific geographic boundary relevant to the customer. Geo-targeting can be used to target local customers through organic search. MMUSA will help your campaign connect with nearby customers through individual locations or areas. Growing a local following is one of the most successful approaches to gaining professional exposure. Leave it up to us to help you connect with your locals.


Alongside our marketing professionals, we also offer specialization in design. Amongst our team, we have specialists in WordPress design, HTML5, Drupal, and Joomla. Our team at MMUSA will work with you to obtain your ideal design on your website or database.


Every marketing campaign needs a website. Therefore, our services include developing any website for your business. MMUSA will work with you to create the most engaging and appealing online website designed for your business’s needs.

Product Marketing

MMUSA provides product marketing within Amazon and Ebay, two of the largest commercial retailers and online service providers. As we have strategies on these major platforms, it gives us the opportunity to deploy hundreds of products to them. We value these connections greatly and allow our customers access.

Display | Retargeting | Geo-Fencing

Our technology creates a virtual geographic boundary around a physical location. This then allows our platform to display an advertisement to customers when they enter the “fenced” region. This is a great service for companies that want to target exact coordinates of an area.

Native Ads

Native Advertisements take on the function of the media format that they appear on. Most often, native advertisements are found in social media feeds, recommended content on a web page, or in between paragraphs on an article. MMUSA utilizes native ads to allow your campaign to be dynamic in it’s approach to digital marketing.

Location Marketing

Location marketing incorporates mapping and fencing physical locations through multi-polygon technology alongside geo-specific support such as weather and demographics to create a unique marketing campaign. MMUSA will assess consumer data to target your campaign’s specific niche.

Programmatic Audio

Programmatic audio is a type of marketing that focuses on the audio aspect such as streaming services and podcasts to target the audio placement. As people stream music and news daily, MMUSA will help you reach your customers with precise targeting via programmatic digital audio.

2D and 3D Animation

MMUSA also provides animation services. We will make any type of 2D or 3D animation for your marketing campaign. These animations are great to incorporate throughout your campaign as they are a different form of conventional marketing.

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