SEO and why apply it to your strategy.

Since the beginning of Google, around 1996, the world realized that money could be generated and for this they only needed to generate traffic and appear in the first positions, but how would they do it? simple, through search engines. This is how SEO comes about.


SEO focuses on organic search results, the ones that are not paid. It is basically a method or techniques that digital marketers use to position a website in search engines. The position that the site occupies on the search engine results page depends on it.

It refers to optimization given the possibility of doing it both in the programming process through source code as well as in the content that is hosted on the site.

In turn, you can boost it with techniques that you can use to drive traffic to your site, such as link building, for example, ie SEO Off page. The purpose of optimization is to have a website that is more useful, relevant and provides a better experience for users who visit it.

But why make SEO content?

Surely you have wondered what is the use of filling your website with text, images and other information. Here we tell you how SEO Content can benefit your brand.


SEO Content strategies take into account all aspects of content creation and search engine optimization.

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Have you convinced yourself why SEO Content should be key to achieving your brand’s goals?

So, let’s get to work.

Remember that if you want search engines to show your content you must take into account the following:

Your merits will make search engines consider your content, position it in the ranking and define the frequency with which you will appear.

Written by Diana Vásquez Cota – Multi Marketing USA