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For many marketers, Hispanic consumers are a key audience of interest. In Multi Marketing USA, we sought to better understand Hispanic consumers’ content habits and practices.

It’s no surprise that Hispanic media consumption is growing rapidly. According to our study, about half of Hispanics have been using content discovery platforms, like Pinterest, for more than a year. And over the past year, almost half of Hispanic (45%) consumers indicated their media usage on these platforms has increased.

Not only are Hispanics on content discovery platforms more frequently, they’re using them to replace other media watching like television, surfing the internet and engaging in other social media sites, opening a new window of opportunity for marketers to connect with the Latino consumers. They are seeking information on trends, styles, and new things to do/try.

Despite the facts, U.S. Hispanics are a vastly underserved market, and the opportunities to reach them through digital remain largely untapped.

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Latino Population

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Recently Google surveyed, a select panel of senior-level marketers to see if the U.S. Hispanic audience was on their roadmaps. They clearly recognized the opportunity: Most saw 11—25% of their company’s growth coming from this demographic in the next three to five years. Still, most brands didn’t have a marketing strategy for this audience, and most agencies were advising clients to invest in reaching them either “somewhat" or “not at all.”

We are constantly working on ways of how to track, analyze and reach this market. We’ve created hundreds of social media and online campaigns targeting the Latino market and we have come up with many variables to successfully market to this untapped group. We understand what triggers their interest when it comes to purchasing a product or moving forward with a service. We have learned what’s important when making a decision to the different income levels of this group.

Why Market to the Latinos in the US

The Latino consumer market is literally an untapped goldmine. Everyone is missing out on this market because they don't understand it, we know what triggers their interest, we understand they're buying behaviors and what makes them click the button to buy your products or services. Our media buy network to reach Latinos is one that we keep testing and growing our reach. We believe this market alone can make a brand, product or service jump from 0 to 100 if targeted the right way. See the video courtesy of NBC Universal Hispanic Group.