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What is storytelling in marketing?
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Digital Marketer MMUSA

Trends are constantly evolving, so brands and companies must be constantly aware of the trends that emerge and adapt them to the objectives they have.

So it is of utmost importance to keep informed of the marketing trends that are continually re-emerging.

First, let’s define what a trend is.

A trend is something that we could say is current or preferred for certain purposes, so there tends to be a repetition behind it. For example, if your soccer teammate tends to always shoot to the left it is a trend.

Once you have defined a trend and visualize that it is increasing and generating a high influence on your potential customers, that is when you should start planning and implementing that trend in your marketing strategies.

You can be one step ahead, since trends allow us to identify the behavior patterns of consumers or any type of audience to develop a successful business plan that takes advantage of these opportunities.

Why is it important to follow trends?

  • Because with trends you will be able to know not only your market but also everything that surrounds it: habits, perceptions, consumer expectations, interests, etc.
  • You will be prepared for changes and unforeseen events, having at hand adaptation plans for the business.
  • You will have the opportunity to create a marketing strategy that allows you to meet customer needs.

By following them, you will be able to create innovative projects by understanding the context and place of your brand or business in the market.

Some current trends that many brands have implemented are:

Alliances or collaborations

Strategic partnerships are a free way to gain visibility and attract potential customers for your business.


Both advertising and organic content you create should be customizable, everything you generate to engage an audience should make them feel identified. This is one of the actions that will remain a trend in the digital marketing world.

Exclusive subscriptions

Large and recognized platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, Spotify, and many others platforms have implemented this trend and it has been a great contribution to their positioning since now a subscription of this style calls both by the platform and by the user exclusivity.


It is essential to automate everything in digital marketing, first, you will reduce the execution cycle of any project within your business, then you will improve the work of the entire team that makes it up and you will also save a lot of money and resources.

What happens if you don’t show interest in trends?

Basically, you will not know what to do before changes or unforeseen situations affect your brand or business. If you do not follow them, you will not have the capacity to generate proposals that will give you an advantage over your competitors.