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Navigating Success: How Geo-Targeting Impacts Customer Acquisition in Your Business Strategy
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Digital Marketer at MMSUA

Currently there is a great diversity of marketing strategies to implement in your business, however, how do you know which one best suits your needs? It all depends on your type of business, with the evolution of the market and techniques have emerged strategies more focused on the digital era, one of them Geo-targeting.


Maybe you have heard the term, or maybe it is the first time you read it, either way geo-targeting is nothing more than capturing potential customers that are close to your business, below you will find everything you need to know to understand how this service works, and how it is necessary for your business.

The Impact of Geo-Segmentation on Customer Acquisition in your Business

Geotargeting is directly related to segmentation, surely you know that segmentation is of vital importance for any type of business, you must know the segment or group of customers that the company is targeting, to focus and direct advertising efforts, geotargeting will make your advertising ads with Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, etc. Appear to potential customers who are near the location of your local, creating the opportunity to arouse the interest or need to visit your business, allows customization of their strategies and content and positioning of your business, this digital marketing technique is the perfect for stores or restaurants looking to position themselves.


And everything is possible to the geographical location of users, all electronic devices (Computer, Tablet or cell phone) have an IP address that indicates their specific location, this information is used for commercial purposes by identifying the location of users visiting a website. Although it may not be completely accurate for various factors of the servers. It certainly provides useful information for targeting your strategies and advertising.


geo-targeting improves the user experience and potential customers, to find personalized and valuable content, on the other hand for the business generates higher percentage of interaction with the user, and another benefit offered by geo-targeting is the better adaptation of advertising as in display campaigns allowing to direct the campaign to specific audiences. 


Although it sounds incredible, in today’s digital world it is becoming the most common way in which brands reach the closest segment, if you still do not implement it in your advertising strategies you may be missing a great opportunity to attract new customers.

Let’s take the example of John, he opened a few months a typical food store in the Central Plaza shopping center, so he was not yet positioned in the market, however he was told about geo-targeting and even with some doubts he decided to try it. It is then when he began to see that new people came to his place, and he noticed that they did not enter by chance, but came directly to the place as if they knew it, John decided to ask a very nice couple who came one day; How did you get to know about my restaurant? To which the couple replied; We wanted to eat something homemade, we were walking around here, looking at instagram, when I saw an ad for your chicken broth, we saw that it was here and we came in to try it.


That day John proved that geo-targeting is a beneficial tool for his business and continued implementing it in his monthly restaurant advertising efforts.


In conclusion, this marketing technique will not only allow your potential audience to get to know you, but will also allow you to use the information collected on your website, to guide your advertising strategies and content in a more optimal way, this in turn will generate provide your potential customers with personalization that will motivate them to build loyalty and generate greater positioning in the market, as is normal in the marketing world, everything is related to achieve a greater goal, from increasing positioning, credibility, prestige, sales and brand recognition by consumers.


If you have a restaurant you should take the example of Don Carlos, and you will see how the attraction of potential customers will increase, and if you have another type of business in a physical location you should also implement this strategy. In MMUSA we are committed to help all those brands that have a vision of growth based on the implementation of strategies outside the scheme, in the changing digital world, we are constantly renewing ourselves to offer modern, innovative and above all effective services, if you want your business to reach the next level in the market, contact us and we will show you the benefit of implementing geo-targeting and many other services.