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Google My Business, the missing piece to your marketing puzzle!

Surely you remember the places of Google, or your registration in Google Maps and all its processes, or the most recent Google+ to ensure your presence on the network. Many of the brands went through this a few years ago, now you have everything in one Google My Business.

From Google My Business you can connect all the information about your business with your potential customers and they can easily locate you

When a person performs a search, for example, “white shoes” they will not only obtain the most suitable results for their search but also those closest to their location. If the user resides in New York you will get the answer for “white shoes in New York” and with reviews from other users.

In short, we can find companies locally on the Internet and obtain all their information without having to enter their website one by one.

Google my business elements

Google+: To share texts, photos, links, videos and events.

Insights: To see visibility and audience statistics.

Reviews: You can see the reviews that your customers leave you

Google Analytics: Direct access to the Google Analytics control panel.

Hangout: You will be able to join a Hangout or start a new one.

Google My Business shows you traffic statistics that your business profile receives, which calls to action receive the most clicks, where the users who visit your business profile come from, which photos receive the most attention, among others.


Having Google My Business optimized and updated will make your business more visible to people who are looking for your services or products.


Now you know, pay attention to this useful tool for your business and if you are looking for a strategic partner to manage your Google My Business account, please contact us.

Written by Diana Vásquez Cota – Multi Marketing USA