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Essential Video Marketing Services for Boosting Sales

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Reading can be boring! That is something that you cannot afford to ignore as a B2B entrepreneur seeking to cut through the noise and realize profitability. As such, capturing the attention of your audience at a glance becomes a priority. Think of it as “love at first sight”! There is a lot of literature all over the internet, and instead of reading, most people prefer learning about your products or services by watching them.

That explains why 72% of customers opt for video when they want to learn something. So, if you aspire to sell to other businesses successfully, you can host various videos on YouTube, share the same across your social media platforms, and have them on your website too. The bottom line here is that people out there have a lot going on around them, and the last thing they want to do is spend time trying to get the gist of some fine print or other literature.

Also, you may be trying to reach individuals that never come across the content your marketing team is creating to attract them. Quite frustrating! Right? Well, that is where video marketing services come in handy because they:

  • Turn those cold calls into warm calls.
  • Differentiate your operations while other businesses are merely hanging by a hook even when you supply the market with what competitors are availing.
  • Land you deals with prospects that are a hard nut to crack.
  • Build the know, like, and trust factor instantly, which is necessary when sealing deals.

Additionally, statistics do not lie, and here is what you need to know about video marketing services.

  • According to Statista, the number of video viewers among internet users stands at 85% as of 2018.
  • 53% of people want to see more videos going forward.

Marketing can be a mundane task, but if you want to fly with the eagles, you need to adopt a strategic approach in this case. Below are details on how video content fits neatly into your marketing strategy.

Why Invest in Video?
1. It Allows You to Leverage The Capabilities of Social Media

Currently, most individuals are on social media, and the rise of video-oriented platforms like TikTok and YouTube implies that video marketing is a trend to watch. It is needless to say that YouTube is proving irresistible among most people. That is why marketers use it to reach their target audience. As such, uploading videos on social media can help you reach a massive audience. You can convince such persons to convert after watching a video relating to what you offer.

2. The Popularity of Video Content Is Increasing

People want to consume video. Whether that entails passing time, learning, connecting with family, and sharing information, individuals will willingly check videos every other time. The implication, in this case, is that the popularity of video goes beyond other forms of content, and that is why making it part of your marketing strategy is not an option.

3. It Is Ideal for Your Landing Page

Including video content on your website is the other option worth considering because it can increase traffic. That is possible because of the engaging nature of videos that encourages your audience to spend more time on your website and pages too. As a result, individuals will understand your products/services better when they spend more time on your site, leading to conversion, thus increasing your sales.

You will also experience a decline in the bounce rate, which will bear a positive impact on your SEO efforts making your website rank higher on search engines.

4. There Is a Lot to Gain Through Video Content Marketing

Your content marketing efforts should focus on providing value to your audience. The reason is that in today’s fast-paced life, people are always in a rush, which suggests that fewer individuals have time for reading and research. So, if you want to deliver valuable information within the shortest time possible, you better opt for video.

By doing so, you will capture the attention of your audience and quickly convert them to customers.

5. Supercharges Your Emails

There are multiple marketing options you can explore, and one of them is email marketing. Email marketing is indeed useful, but you can optimize your campaigns to generate more sales by adding videos. That way, you will save on the time individuals spend reading emails by communicating more efficiently within a short period.

Essential Video Marketing Services

So, if you want to showcase what you offer in front of your audience, video is the way to go. You also need to note that simply creating a video and sharing it on your social channels is not good enough if you want to leverage the capabilities of video marketing. Here are some of the video marketing services you should explore for your marketing strategy to yield a desirable outcome.

1. Video Emails for Sales

Opening more doors and closing deals faster is possible through video emails for sales. The approach focuses on one to one sales emails with personalized video messages capable of turning cold calling into warm prospecting. In turn, that will move deals through your pipeline faster. The service includes;

  • Ongoing coaching
  • Set up of the automated platform that handles all video publishing and creation
  • Video templates and ideas
  • Group training for sales teams
2. LinkedIn Video Program

If you want to open more business opportunities and turn cold calling into warm calling, you can consider the LinkedIn video program. It involves four-minute weekly videos that position your team as industry experts, thus encouraging your ideal prospects to engage. The program includes the following.

  • Video editing
  • One on one staff training
  • Content ideas
  • Video production including captions specifically for LinkedIn
3. Weekly Video Show Program

Differentiating your enterprise by building the know, like, and trust factor becomes possible through the weekly video show program. That means that your company remains etched in the minds of prospects, brand ambassadors, and previous as well as current clients. Your weekly video show appears on your website, and you can share the same via email. Here is what you stand to gain from the program.

  • Video editing
  • One on one staff training
  • Show ideas
  • Video show production for your website
  • Email creation
  • Publishing your video on YouTube and your site
  • Email list management
  • Creation of video landing pages
  • Embedded calls to action in videos

Video content is an ideal option for grabbing the attention of your target audience, and it promotes increased engagement as well. The next time you have a marketing or ad campaign, consider using video as your primary source of media and experience the magic. Are you wondering how you can create amazing videos, skyrocket your ROI, generate leads, and build engagement?