Amazon Marketing

Product Keyword Research

Targeting the best keywords that you should be optimizing for amazon shoppers.

Market research – learning what your competitors are ranking and optimizing, their monthly sales volumes, and any other insight tip we can gather from our market research.

We use this information to optimize your product listings. We’ll create titles and product copy ads that convert into sales. We can also take your products into our “product studio” to make them pop, very important in generating attention to ads. The keyword optimization is what gets your customers to find the product, but is the image that makes them click on it.

We can help increase your reviews by contacting buyers that want to leave reviews and are fan of your products. The more honest recommendations you may have, the more you will sell. Once we have your product listings in high gear, we can have your ads be seen everywhere, like Facebook, YouTube and other PPC display sites.

Then, once this strategy is in place, your amazon listings keeps getting higher and higher, generating more sales and traffic to your product listings.

Ebay Product Listing

eBay Product Listings

Selling on eBay means selling on one of the world’s most powerful platforms where you will have access to:

  • 167 million buyers worldwide in 190 markets –ship with our Global  Shipping Program
  • One of the market’s top-rated mobile apps – 58% of transactions are done on mobile
  • New marketing tools & access to run promoted listings – you set your own ad rate

Our goal is simple: Assist you in generating sales! New sellers who on-board through us have significantly better success than the average new seller.

Here are some benefits of working with MMUSA:

  • Exclusive promotions & lowered final value fee’s
  • Add all of your inventory to eBay with only a few clicks – Amazon FBA Compatible
  • Assistance incorporating best practices to increase sales  

Groupon Promotions

Groupon Marketing

Groupon marketing is not for all type of businesses. Its for those businesses that are already spending money on advertising campaigns that have not produced the results needed to jolt the business into growth or profit mode.

Our consultation services when dealing with Groupon will allow you to have a piece of mind knowing that one of our marketing experts will manage the process for your business from start to finish.

Some of the benefits of working with us:

highlight some of the benefits of working with us:

  • Exposure to a wide range of audiences, introducing your business to the digital world.
  • We would negotiate the best deal for your service with Groupon, usually clients dealing direct with Groupon only negotiate a 50/50 split, we can justify a more of a split in you favor.
  • 2 customers or 200? You control the caps on how many promotions you want to give out, no limits! Maximize your income by having a structured tailored for you specific needs!
  • Groupon will send out emails to tens of thousands of subscribers in your area.