>> Using pre-packaged role-specific, company-specific and channel-specific lists reduce marketing costs by 46%!.

>> Almost 20M segmented, updated contacts from North America alone.

>> Quick delivery (within 2 business days) 100,000+ contacts previously sold as custom lists can be re-sold as qualified PP Lists.

>> Guaranteed 75-80% deliverability for email contacts.

>> Higher for phone, and for direct mail contacts.

>> Best for clients trying out new industries.

How it helps:


>> Get what your marketing channels want.

>> Get best value price in the market.

>> Best assured about the quality & deliverability Invest less & get more in return.

>> Growth in the both end External as well Internal.

>> Highly authentic and compiled from reliable sources like government listings, public filings.

>> Can be used for telemarketing, email marketing, direct mailing and other consumer marketing campaigns.