Database Services

Transform your campaign ROI using customized databases, and assisting database services. Optimize campaign resources and marketing investments, with our partner Span Global Services’ supreme data-driven capabilities.

Database Services

  • Tech Intelligence Services
  • Custom-built Lists
  • Validated Appending Services
  • Quick, Compact Pre-packaged Lists
  • Event Attendees Lists
  • 360-degree Customer Profiling
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Our reliable data partner Span Global Services has over 500 satisfied corporate clients in helping technology companies to set up their digital marketing camp. Their vast repository of 42M+ B2B professional and 350M+ B2C consumer contacts can manage and upgrade your databases at will. Clean, add, subtract, verify – do whatever you want with your list. The reliable data services provider gears up your databases to be aligned to your business interests and achieves maximum returns.

Data List

Database List


Knowing your customer (prospect) is a marketer’s first priority. Apart from the general difficulties, it is further difficult to beat technology industry companies who invest heavily in their data security. Under such circumstances, it is hard for technology marketers to collect authentic professional data.

Data that is integral to the prospect and rarely found in the market, is available with Span Global Services. Inclusive ties with authentic data record agencies enable our Data Intelligence Services to append the most intricate information field about your technology prospect.

With the level of reach and expertise in marketing, backed by in-depth lead analytics, Tech Intelligence gives clients technology-specific database marketing solutions that will secure their business with relevant leads, growth strategies, and fruitful business decisions.

Know more about your leads from our 78 intricate data intelligence fields:

Data List Appending

Database Services


  • Using pre-packaged role-specific, company-specific and channel-specific lists reduce marketing costs by 46%!
  • Almost 20M segmented, updated contacts from North America alone
  • Quick delivery (within 2 business days)
  • 100,000+ contacts previously sold as custom lists can be re-sold as qualified PP Lists
  • Guaranteed 75-80% deliverability for email contacts. Higher for phone, and for direct mail contacts
  • Best for clients trying out new industries

How it helps:

  • Get what your marketing channels want
  • Get best value price in the market
  • Best assured about the quality & deliverability
  • Invest less & get more in return
  • Growth in the both end External as well Internal
  • Highly authentic and compiled from reliable sources like government listings, public filings.
  • Can be used for telemarketing, email marketing, direct mailing and other consumer marketing campaigns


By the general scenario, event organizers provide past attendees lists prior to the newer version of the event. Though these lists are vital in analyzing the events past performance, but it lacks in versatility and current relevance. Span Global Services bridges the gap between relevance and source credibility.

  • End the Partial-ity of Event Lists

Most event organizers provide attendees information devoid of contact details. Our event attendees’ database is packed with the right information for marketing campaigns.

  • Complete Firmographic Data-set

Accurate firmographic data for event marketers to categorize and qualify ‘best-fit’ audience for event related networking, appointment setting, special offers, etc.

  • Endless Data Formats

Event contact data format vary with each organizer. Using campaign management tools like Marketing Automation, CRM or other such systems, marketers need to abide by specific format to integrate the database. Our lists are provided in CSV, XLS, TXT, or any prescribed format selected by buyers.


With our overall customer profiling, now you have the power of measuring your success and compare yourself with competitors:

  • Better Pricing
  • More Email Data
  • Email Marketing Services
  • Telemarketing Services
  • Application Development
  • All Marketing Services under one roof



Data List

Database Services


  • Specific field appending, customized from 78 specialized information fields
  • Sample size chosen from 42M+ regularly updated B2B contacts

Data List Services


  • 500 million unique names, postal addresses and opt-in email addresses
  • Thousands of organizations appended data successfully since 2004
  • Proprietary email validation and matching algorithm for accurate and automated email validation

How it Works:

Send the names and postal addresses (and company names for business records) of the contacts you want to reach. The Data Append Team matches them to their database, obtain your contacts’ permission and return the results to you.

Depending on the list size, the whole process takes about seven working days.

How It Helps:

  • Enable multi-channel marketing
  • Increase revenue with greater email reach
  • Improve customer service and retention
  • Reduce direct mailing costs
  • Turn single-channel customers into valuable multichannel customers
  • Drive repeat business and nurture loyalty through more frequent customer contact
  • Dramatically boost your online revenue

Get technology industry’s freshest, cleanest and stringently maintained databases from our data partner Span Global Services’ master database worth 42 million B2B professional contacts.

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