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Audio Marketing new trend in advertising
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Gabriela Samayoa Digital Marketer MMUSA

Marketing world is in constant change. Talking about digital platforms, users often change their tastes and preferences, these changes are reflected in the way they prefer to listen to messages and capture information, which is why businesses must adapt to these changes to reach their audiences effectively. One of the trends that is currently taking center stage is Audio marketing.


This digital marketing trend consists of reaching the audience with content based on sounds and audio, among the most common formats are podcasts and radio spots. The purpose of this type of marketing is to connect with the audience through voice, audio, music, etc. The goal is to take advantage of any form of sound that makes the listener make a decision.


In people’s daily lives, they often encounter a diversity of moments where people are sensorially receptive, so listening to a message at that time will have greater benefits for the author of the message.


Emotions can be awakened through sounds, in other words, sounds can evoke sadness, happiness, melancholy, etc. Marketing efforts are the opportunity to generate in the audience emotions that companies want to awaken in their future customers. Another function of using audio marketing is to generate brand positioning, with a podcast or a radio spot that users can remember a product, brand feature or the brand itself.


It is for this reason that many companies invest more and more in audio marketing, managing to be present in current marketing trends.