EST. 2011

Multi Marketing USA is a digitally strategic marketing agency that elevates the game with each move. Focusing each of our campaigns to build the most impact in the shortest amount of time, we achieve successful strategies that turn our partners into market leaders. We challenge the course by connecting each of our clients to digital marketing fields of success. Since 2011, MMUSA has marked the playing fields of numerous industries and brands that pushed the limits of online advancement through our partnership. While prioritizing client-centric approaches and high return on investments (ROI) , we ensure the elevating benefits to our game plan with you.
MMUSA is a Global Group Company, having wide range of expertise in working with the Latinx and African American Communities. Our projects aim to connect individuals from all over the world, cultivating a space for connection. We have hosted online networking events for career opportunities of diverse professionals, and created local navigation to small businesses across El Salvador (503 Local). Diversity among industries and clients drives the explorative divergence in our mark reaching across the world to as far as Latin America, Europe, and Asia.


We are unique within our industry keeping up with daily evolving platforms as a team of young professionals from across the world. Uniting from the heart of New York City to El Salvador, Peru, India, Bangledash, and Pakistan, the team of digital marketers push the boundaries of media influence and strategy. Alternatively, respecting the boundaries of one another’s expertise marks the sauce of our success in each move.